Paoli Motorsport

The determination to pursue new targets and the courage to walk never-traveled streets are the keys to Paoli’s success in the Motorsport world.


The company continuously invests in research and educational training, in order to offer to the racing teams innovative solutions and wheel guns always fitted for the specific needs of the individual championships.


We love to look forward and we know that the attention for the details makes the difference.


Discover our entire Motorsport range.

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Paoli Wheel Guns Icon

Wheel Guns


The unique wheel guns in Motorsport races.

Paoli TSA System Icon

TSA System


The Torque and Angle Sensor wheel guns.

Paoli Sockets Icon

Paoli Sockets


The new Paoli wheel nut sockets.

Paoli Wheel Gun Optionals Icon

Wheel Guns Optionals

Enhance your Paoli guns.

Paoli Air Supply System Icon

Air Supply System

Equipment for maximum power.

Paoli Pit Equipment Icon

Pit Equipment


All you need for the pitlane.

Paoli Wheel Guns Icon  Wheel Guns

Paoli DP 6000 Classic Handle

DP 6000

Classic Handle

More power, more gap. Metallic powder painted body, made of magnesium alloy.

Paoli DP 6000 90 Degrees Angled Handle

DP 6000

90° Angled Handle

New ergonomics. Better airflow. Our cutting edge wheel gun.

Paoli DP 5000 TI Mark II


Paoli DP 5000 BIAS

DP 5000 BIAS

Paoli DP 4000 MG

DP 4000 MG

Paoli DP 4000 30BAR

DP 4000 30BAR

Paoli DP 3000 SuperSport

DP 3000 SuperSport

Paoli DP 2000 SE

DP 2000 SE

Paoli DP 197 SFE

DP 197 SFE

Paoli DP 177 SFE

DP 177 SFE

Paoli DP 176 SFE

DP 176 SFE

Paoli Blue Devil

Blue Devil

Paoli DP 36 SF EVO


Paoli Torpedo


Paoli Rocket


Paoli Red Devil 2.0 Street Legal

Red Devil 2.0
Street Legal

Paoli TSA System Icon  TSA System

Paoli DP 5000 Mark II TSA

DP 5000 Mark II TSA

Paoli DP 4000 MG TSA

DP 4000 MG TSA

Paoli DP 4000 MG TS Lab

DP 4000 MG

Paoli Sockets Icon  Paoli Sockets

Paoli Sockets 2

The new Paoli Sockets are an unprecedented product and the result of a long and complex engineering research. Consultation with hundreds of race clients has ensured that the technological development goes hand in hand with the real needs of racing teams in terms of versatility, safety, materials and maintenance.

Paoli Sockets

Paoli Wheel Gun Optionals Icon  Wheel Guns Optionals

Paoli Fast Shuttle 2.0

Fast Shuttle 2.0

Paoli Turning Shuttle

Turning Shuttle

Paoli Wheel Guns Optionals


Paoli Air Supply System Icon  Air Supply System

Paoli Turning Connectors

Turning Connectors

Paoli Quick Release Couplings 1/2"

Quick Release Couplings 1/2″

Paoli Quick Release Couplings 3/8"

Quick Release Couplings 3/8″

Paoli Hoses


Paoli Air Pressure Regulators

Air Pressure Regulators

Paoli Air Supply System Accessories


Paoli Air Bottles Trolleys Accessories

Air Bottles, Trolleys and Accessories

Paoli Air Bottle Compressors

Air Bottle Compressors

Paoli Pit Equipment Icon  Pit Equipment

Paoli Flight Cases

Pit lane equipment: all you need for the pitlane.

Paoli Helmets

Other Products & Services

Paoli Service Kit

Service Kit, Service Tools & Lubricants

Paoli CaseLiner Products

CaseLiner Pit Equipment Products


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