Established in 1968, Dino Paoli Srl began to lay the basis for its future by specializing in the production of impact wrenches/wheel guns for commercial and on-road vehicles until, step-by-step, it discovered its true calling: Motorsport.


The Paoli wheel gun story began in the field or, rather, on the track.

There are photos dating back to the end of the Sixties to prove it: Dino Paoli, the man who gave his name to this dream “Made in Italy”, can be seen at work on a Lancia Stratos Turbo, Group 5, “Silhouette” Racer.


Italian Motorsport’s leading players were a permanent fixture in the pits.

It was not rare to meet legendary Enzo Ferrari, here at the Fiorano Circuit (Fiorano Modenese) in 1975.

Dino Paoli himself never lost the chance to perfect his creations in their natural environment, the pits.

Design, test and re-design – dozens and dozens of times – were the watchwords, then as now.

With time, the name Paoli actually became another word for wheel gun and not just on the tracks. Even then industries had discovered and appreciated the quality of Paoli wheel guns and impact wrenches: model DP 360 for instance, with its aluminium cover over the hammer mechanism.

But it was no use: Motorsport called, along with its protagonists. In the photo, Niki Lauda with the Paoli DP 191.

At work with Swiss champion Clay Regazzoni.

A row of the iconic Paoli DP 191 together with long-standing “friend” Ferrari.

Then there was the Automotive industry, where there was less speed but certainly no less innovation.

In the photo, the portable Paoli DP 34 with torque socket and silencer.


Throughout the Eighties Paoli continued to thrive in all focus areas as the company consolidated its leadership. Innovation proceeded at a steady pace and confidence was at its utmost.

The company was not following the market trends but leading them.

The first Suspension trolley with a Paoli DP 245 and torque sockets.

The Paoli DP 245 with eco-friendly trolley.


Passion and commitment proceed, increasingly more as pit lane leaders alongside famous racing teams and champions.

In the photo, Dino Paoli and Alex Zanardi at the 1997 Formula Indy, Indianapolis (US).

Formula 1 pit stop.

During the legendary Ferrari Challenge.

The first Paoli hydraulic wheel gun: make way for the DP 89.

The Paoli DP 2000, symbol of the Paoli Pit Stop series at the threshold of the new millennium.

THE 2000s

The Paoli Hurricane with Kessel Racing for the 2018 Blancpain GT Series.

In the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve (Portimao – PT) for the 2017 Michelin Le Mans Cup 2017, with a podium position for the partners of Kessel Racing.

CEO Francesca Paoli with champion Alex Zanardi.

The Paoli Hurricane chosen for the 2018 Blancpain GT Series.

The Paoli Red Devil for the 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

2018 - 50 YEARS OF PAOLI

From the right: Francesca Paoli, Patrizia Paoli, Federico Galloni,
Maria Laura Agnelli, Giorgio Magnani, Marco Magnani and Valeria Prampolini.

Lastly, our 50 years in the business: a milestone reached without surprises, years in which every day was faced with the utmost commitment, aware of our value but leaving nothing to chance.

The ceremony was held at Ruote da Sogno in the presence of over 200 guests, one of whom was Giancarlo Minardi who told of his F1 team’s 25 years of history with Dino Paoli Srl.

And then lots of short films, emotions, anecdotes and untold stories, revealing the past but also looking towards the future.

Francesca Paoli and Fabio Storchi, President of Unindustria Reggio Emilia as the recognition awarded by the Industrialists’ Association for the company’s 50th anniversary was consigned.