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For more than 50 years Dino Paoli Srl has manufactured professional impact wrenches, with the aim of supplying to every customer – from tyre changers to mechanics – the best available technologies.

Strong, reliable and long-lasting products are developed building on Paoli’s experience.The incessant research and the company know-how made possibile the realization of impact wrenches dedicated to the industry field, infrastructures, industrial maintenance, mines and oil platforms.

Furthermore, every customer can benefit from a guaranteed high quality service and has the opportunity to come into contact with always evolving products.


Discover our entire Automotive & Industry range.

Download Paoli General Catalogue 2017

Paoli General Catalogue 2017 Automotive Industry cover 315x220

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Paoli Icon Impact Wrenches  Impact Wrenches

Paoli DP 1050

DP 1050

Aluminium body, F/R switch, built-in power regulator, device for left-handed operators.

Paoli DP 1800

DP 1800

Aluminium front and back covers, ABS body, built-in air power regulator, twin hammer mechanism.

Paoli Red Devil 2.0 Street Legal

Red Devil 2.0

Street Legal

7075 aluminium (ergal) front cover, ergonomic PVC cover.

Paoli DP 217

DP 217

Ergal cover, air exhaust through the handle, 0.7 quality performance, 3-jaw hammer mechanism.

Paoli DP 246

DP 246

Ergal cover, 1″ best model, 0.8% quality performance, pin-clutch hammer mechanism.

Paoli DP 256 BG

DP 256 BG

The “classic” 1″square drive model, with upgraded 3-jaw hammer mechanism and inverter.

Paoli DP 92

DP 92

Paoli DP 37

DP 37

Paoli DP 38

DP 38

Paoli DP 176

DP 176

Paoli DP 196

DP 196

Paoli DP 3400

DP 3400

Paoli DP 164

DP 164

Paoli DP 1000

DP 1000

Paoli DP 160

DP 160

Paoli DP 236

DP 236

Paoli DP 251

DP 251

Paoli DP 320

DP 320

Paoli DP 321

DP 321

Paoli DP 362

DP 362

Paoli DP 362 BG

DP 362 BG

Paoli DP 381

DP 381

Paoli DP 635

DP 635

Paoli Icon Cordless  Cordless

Paoli Torpedo\


Fast and powerful cordless gun, ergonomic handle, lithium ion battery. Provided in a hard case.

Paoli Storm


Paoli Rocket


Paoli Typhoon


Paoli Icon Nutrunners  Nutrunners

Paoli Nutrunners 1

The world of mechanics has been shifting towards increasingly sophisticated fitting processes and assembly methods with greater attention to specifications. Paoli has developed the new Nutrunners, professional torque controlled screwdrivers, to meet this requirements while facilitating the work and increasing the safety of operators.

Paoli Nutrunners 2

Paoli Icon Atex Impact Wrenches  ATEX Impact Wrenches

Paoli Red Devil 2.0 Street Legal ATEX

Red Devil SL ATEX

Paoli DP 217 ATEX


Paoli DP 246 ATEX


Paoli DP 251 ATEX


Paoli DP 256 BG ATEX


Paoli DP 362 BG ATEX


Paoli Icon Ecological Systems  Ecological Systems

Paoli New Suspension

New Suspension

Paoli Iron


Paoli Slim Suspension

Slim Suspension

Paoli Ecological Trolley

Ecological Trolley

Paoli Supply System Kit Air Treatment

Supply System Kit & Air Treatment

Paoli Icon DP Lift Jacks  DP Lift Jacks

Paoli DP Lift Jacks 1

The DP LIFT jacks line offers its customers an easy and safe usage, both for automotive and industrial applications. The jacks consist of a highly resistant diaphragm and internal telescopic guide. They are fitted with a limit stop device as well as a safety valve making them absolutely reliable in the case of excessive loads.

Paoli DP Lift Jacks 2
Paoli Piston Pit Jacks

Piston Pit Jacks

Paoli Icon Hydraulic Range  Hydraulic Range

Paoli Dyno


Ideal for tire and maintenance truck shops, road and field services. Perfect when no air supply is available.

Paoli Ergo


Paoli Dyno 2.0

Dyno 2.0

Paoli Electro-Hydraulic Adapter 2.0

Electro-Hydraulic Adapter 2.0

Paoli Icon Accessories  Accessories

Paoli Checkpoint Products

Checkpoint Products

Checkpoint products are applicable in all the areas where nuts are critical to safety and structural integrity.

Paoli Couplings


Paoli Filters Regulators Lubricators

Filters, Regulators & Lubricators

Paoli Torque Sockets Mini Air Oiler Mini Air Filter

Torque Sockets, Mini Oiler & Mini Air Filter

Paoli Impact Sockets

Impact Sockets

Paoli Hoses Mobile Unit

Hoses & Mobile Unit

Paoli Compressors


Paoli Waste Oil Recovery New Oil Transfer

Waste Oil Recovery & New Oil Transfer

Paoli Electric Screwdivers

Electric Screwdivers

Paoli Caseliner Equipment

Caseliner Equipment

Paoli Arms Covers Tapes

Arms, Covers & Tapes

Paoli Displayers Handles Lubricants

Displayers, Handles & Lubricants

Paoli Workwear



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