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Trolley Kit Paoli: Equipment for Air Supply System

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Paddock and pitlane ease of movement and transportation are essential features for a perfect performance. In order to facilitate the operators’ work, Paoli has developed a Trolley Kit for our Air Supply System, equipped with the essential items. Our kit is composed of a trolley, a bottle, an air pressure regulator and some accessories.
The bottle trolley is supplied with a support, designed to fit and anchor with a fixing ring all type of Paoli’s Air Pressure Regulators. Easy to use, the trolley is equipped with other two supports, which have been developed for the transport of the air supply hose.
The two 18 l bottles with double connection (included in the Trolley Kit) are specifically developed for Paoli wheel guns and systems and can sustain every Motorsport application.
The incorporated Paoli Air Pressure Regulator F4 guarantees a costant high flow, even at high pressures. Designed to always obtain the best performances, the F4 model has the highest maximum air flow between the whole Air Pressure Regulators range.
An accessories set, composed of a belt, a fixing nut and an high pressure hose, which connects the bottle to the regulator, is also included in the Trolley Kit.
Paoli’s Trolley Kit is available in single (single trolley with one bottle) or double (double trolley with two bottles) versions.
Trolley Kit Paoli: complete equipment for Air Supply System.

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