The New Paoli Catalogue of Motorsport Impact Wrenches for 2014: High Technology at the service of speed

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Dino Paoli Srl is now presenting its latest Motorsport Catalogue for 2014.

This latest catalogue brings together the best precision technology that has made Paoli impact wrenches the mandatory benchmark in the ultra demanding world of Formula 1.

Detailed technical files, exploded drawings and illustrations show even the tiniest detail of Paoli’s extraordinary range of impact wrenches and accessories, starting from its innovative Torque and Angle Sensor system with patent-protected technology applied to high precision sensors enabling measurement of the angular rotation of the transmission shaft and the torque energy transferred with each impact, making it possible to determine the exact moment when the wheel nut has been tightened correctly.

Again, this catalogue provides no lack of focus on the specific demands of its customers with a special section devoted to its unparalleled and world class after sales service and servicing, which made Dino Paoli its name in the 1990s as the official supplier of all the teams in F1, IRL, GT, DTM, Formula Indy and Cart racing.

The catalogue ends with a presentation illustrating its new Engineering Service, giving customers the exclusive possibility to work closely together on the development of impact wrenches with bespoke parts designed to deliver a specific performance, durability, ergonomics or weight in order to cater for the exacting demands of a world that lives for speed.

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