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Brand new: Paoli Sockets

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The new Paoli Sockets are an unprecedented product and the result of a long and complex engineering research. Consultation with hundreds of race clients has ensured that the Paoli Sockets’ technological development go hand in hand with the real needs of racing teams in terms of versatility, safety, materials and maintenance.

– Two different materials: titanium and aeronautical aluminium, the first suitable for the race application and the second suitable for non-intensive use and torque wrench.
– Innovative design, attractive shapes and aesthetically pleasing.
– Accuracy in fitting the socket to the wrench, perfect tolerance and can be assembled and disassembled just by hand.
– Innovative safety system for inserting the pin into the THROUGH THE SOCKET/SQUARE DRIVE. REVOLUTIONARY SYSTEM when assembling the socket by using the SPRING CLIP and AN ‘O’ ring on the cover.
Maximum safety, a fine fitting and a considerably reduced assembly time.
– Insertion of service holes for maintenance of magnets: replacing magnets is quick and easy, with a simple plug-locator.
– Internal ‘O’ ring retaining nut made from new Paoli Sockets material. The exclusive resin gives the socket ideal grip with its high gripping power.
– The Paoli Sockets Service Kit for the maintenance and replacement of worn parts contains everything needed to work on the socket simply and safely.A brief instruction manual indicates the optimum way to carry out operations (E.g. replacement and subsequent refinement of magnets).

More information:

Download Paoli Sockets Brochure Read More

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