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Paoli Tyre Scraper

The new Tyre Scraper is here!

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More efficient and effective, the new Tyre Scraper TS-03 is the ideal solution to extend the life of tyres. It allows to remove irregularities and debris from tyres without damaging the compound with inadequate tools and excessive temperatures.


Born from the Greaves 3d Engineering experience, the Tyre Scraper has been redesigned in order to ease the operator’s’ work and make it faster. The new shaped handle and the blade position make the usage more comfortable, increasing at the same time the performance.

The built-in heat gun is fitted out with a variable temperature range (100-600° C). It is also possible to program the fan speed, reducing the operation time on the tyre surface.


The new Tyre Scraper is recommended for use in all motorsport environments, from karting to F1.


Always performing tyres with Paoli and Greaves 3d Engineering!


Paoli Pit Stop Partnership with Kessel Racing Ferrari Challenge Gran Turismo

Paoli and Kessel Racing: Together, to Win

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Determination to pursue new goals and courage to walk never-traveled streets are the keys to Paoli’s success in the Motorsport world. A success driven by experience, technological innovation and, most of all, passion. We have always worked with the greatest racing teams, and we are proud to be part of a universe filled with emotions and adrenaline.
The new racing season has started, and Paoli is already on the pitlane. The beginning of the season corresponds with the reconfirm of our partnership with Kessel Racing, one of the most illustrious racing teams and leader company for race car preparation in Europe. Kessel, thanks to its numerous years of experience in the field, represents a true point of reference in the Gran Turismo circuit.
Today, Kessel Racing races in 4 championships and 40 different international circuits. Professionality, expertise and continuos commitment towards excellence are Paoli and Kessel common values, successful focuses of two companies who made of high quality their signature. Paoli wheel guns and Kessel are ready to live an exciting new racing season.
Stay tuned with us!
Paoli and Kessel Racing: Together, to Win.

Kessel Racing links:


Paoli Red Devil 2.0 Nascar Pit Stop Wheel Gun

Red Devil 2.0: from Italy to Nascar

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From the Adriatic Sea to the Po Valley, the italian region Emilia-Romagna hosts a deeply-rooted motor tradition and is home of major racing companies such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Pagani and Ducati. Paoli is born from these roads’ passion and the new Red Devil 2.0 is the outcome of our connection with an area that, over the time, has developed various high-qualified manufacturing and engineering skills.
The new Red Devil 2.0 expresses a well-estabilished know-how: every component has been locally produced, valorizing the region’s industrial experience and using elaborate and extremely precise processing techniques.
Specifically designed for Nascar, this wheel gun has been developed in order to give an extraordinary loosening power to the operator, showing the best efficiency even in case of overtightened bolts.
Created to always supply maximum comfort during the usage, Red Devil 2.0 offers great stability and extreme lightness, thanks to the innovative and optimized hammer mechanism, the magnesium handle and the high-performance materials used.
Technological innovations, unique design, geometric smooth lines, details’ elegance and harmonious size are an expression of Red Devil 2.0’s Made in Italy style.
With this engineering masterpiece, Paoli is ready for the 2016 Nascar season. After all, Daytona is not so far from Italy.

Red Devil 2.0: from Italy to Nascar.


Paoli Pit Stop 2016 Formula 1 Calendar

Download the 2016 Formula 1 Calendar!

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The Formula 1 championship is one of the most eagerly awaited sport events of the year.
Paoli, one month before the beginning of the races, is already in pole position, ready to support the best racing teams with our state-of-the-art wheel guns.
The 2016 Formula 1 Season starts with the Australian Grand Prix, in Melbourne, scheduled for March 20th, and finishes November 27th with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
The calendar introduces two news among the 21 races: the reintroduction of the German Grand Prix, in the historic Hockenheim circuit, and the addition of the new Baku City Circuit, in Azerbaijan, for the European Grand Prix.
The pilots are ready to challenge themselves in their race cars, giving us a year full of emotions and adrenaline. Follow the 2016 Formula 1 Championship with Paoli and download our Calendar.
We are already on the starting grid. Are you?

Paoli Fast Shuttle 2 Pit Stop

Fast Shuttle 2.0: the Pit Stop Evolution

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Fast Shuttle 2.0:

Paoli, in cooperation with the leading motorsport teams, is always studying and developing new technologies to improve Pit Stop timing and performances. The outcomes of this research are up-to-date high technology products, such as the Fast Shuttle 2.0.
Evolution of the previous model Fast Shuttle 1.0, it has been created to further speed up the user’s reaction when he changes the direction. Designed to be user-friendly, the Fast Shuttle 2.0 is a revolutionary active auto reverse system: the operator has simply to press the lever to activate the inversion system. Specifically, it works like the previous model, but the activation needs to be executed through a wrist movement, instead of a thumb movement. The reaction time, in this way, has been reduced by 80%.
It works on the following Paoli wheel guns: DP 6000, DP 5000 TI MARK II, DP 4000 MG.
Fast Shuttle 2.0: the Pit Stop evolution.


New DP 4000 BIAS, speed and directionality in a single wrench.

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Speed, safety and directionality: the new DP 4000 BIAS, part of the Paoli Pit Stop range, offers technicians all the advantages of the RH and LH versions in a single wrench. With equal direction of rotation, a special lever is pressed to change direction during the pit
stop. This extraordinary product has been designed for the championships that require the use of only one wrench: Endurance – Alms – Le Mans series. Technical data: square drive 1″, weight 3.90 kg, length 193 mm, air inlet 3/8” GAS, supply hose 1/2″ (13mm), pressure max 20 bar, free speed 10,500 RPM (at 20 bar), max. torque 3000 Nm.

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Fast Shuttle

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Even faster pit stops thanks to the Fast Shuttle kit. The Fast Shuttle is a new cover in the Paoli Pit Stop® line for 2014, designed to fit on the DP2000-S, DP4000, DP4000MG and DP3000 BIAS product versions, enabling screwing and unscrewing without taking your hand away thanks to the specially-designed lever.
A tool that can really made a difference in races where fast pit stops are often vital for victory. Recommended for F1, GP2, IRL, ELMS and WEC racing.

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