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Paoli Sockets 2017 Dino Paoli Pit Stop

Paoli Sockets: Design & Technology

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In Paoli, we give our best everyday to offer to our clients groundbreaking products, in line with the most recent market demands. The renewed Paoli Sockets range comes from this dedication and allows us to supply our customers with technologically advanced, safe and reliable items.


The key of our success is the bond between innovation and tradition. The Made in Italy tradition, which can be seen in our love for the details, comes together with the constant research, which allow us to continuously improve our skills and know-how.


The 2017 Sockets range has been expanded with new models designed and realized for: Porsche 991 Cup, Porsche 997, Ferrari F488, Lamborghini Huracán GT3 and Nippon Super Formula. The materials selection has been increased as well: titanium, steel and aluminium are used in particular applications to enhance performances and features.


Furthermore, as sockets builders we listen to our clients requests and realize special projects to build customized sockets, not included in our catalogue. Therefore, during the design stage we start a highly personalized research and development process: materials used, magnets chosen and assembly technologies utilized are tailored in order to give to the users the best results.


Paoli Sockets: innovation and style, Made in Paoli.

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Paoli Training Value People

Paoli Training: Giving Value to the People

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For Paoli, constant learning and education are instrumental to the growth of people and their value. This is the reason why our company periodically offers to our employees and resellers training courses, aimed to guarantee up-to-date service, professionalism and efficiency to our clients.
Thursday, April 21st, Paoli Headquarters has hosted a learning event, designed to offer highly specific technical skills. The day started with a guided tour of our different departments: from the production workshop to the shipping, through assembly and storing, the participants were able to examine the entire production process. Then, we continued with a theoretical and pratical lesson about the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of Paoli wheel guns and impact wrenches. Disassembling, cleaning, greasing and lubrication procedures have been analyzed, in order to guarantee the best performances. We also let our visitors observe Paoli products’ gears and components. The training day ended with a live demonstration of Paoli’s Hydraulic Impact Wrenches and Nutrunners.
Paoli loves investing in our partners’ training. We know that our success does not come only from the high quality of our products, but is especially the result of our coworkers’ skills, which we can observe every day and make us better.
Click here if you want to be part of our next event.

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Paoli Trolley Kit Equipment

Trolley Kit Paoli: Equipment for Air Supply System

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Paddock and pitlane ease of movement and transportation are essential features for a perfect performance. In order to facilitate the operators’ work, Paoli has developed a Trolley Kit for our Air Supply System, equipped with the essential items. Our kit is composed of a trolley, a bottle, an air pressure regulator and some accessories.
The bottle trolley is supplied with a support, designed to fit and anchor with a fixing ring all type of Paoli’s Air Pressure Regulators. Easy to use, the trolley is equipped with other two supports, which have been developed for the transport of the air supply hose.
The two 18 l bottles with double connection (included in the Trolley Kit) are specifically developed for Paoli wheel guns and systems and can sustain every Motorsport application.
The incorporated Paoli Air Pressure Regulator F4 guarantees a costant high flow, even at high pressures. Designed to always obtain the best performances, the F4 model has the highest maximum air flow between the whole Air Pressure Regulators range.
An accessories set, composed of a belt, a fixing nut and an high pressure hose, which connects the bottle to the regulator, is also included in the Trolley Kit.
Paoli’s Trolley Kit is available in single (single trolley with one bottle) or double (double trolley with two bottles) versions.
Trolley Kit Paoli: complete equipment for Air Supply System.

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Paoli DPLIFT Jacks

DPLIFT Jacks: a Model for Every Need

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The Jacks Range

The DPLIFT jacks range offers an easy and safe usage to the customers, in automotive and industrial sectors. They are available in several models, each fitted for a different capacity and stroke need.
In the automotive jacks range, DPLIFT 830/N represents the ideal solution for heavy vehicles and trucks. In this practical and efficient air-hydraulic jack, the pistons move back automatically. The two descent valves guarantee a perfect holding and a controlled speed, offering safety and solidity. Developed for workshops, tyre shops and body shops, DPLIFT 830/N is the perfect choice for who is looking for a powerful, manageable and compact model.

DPLIFT EXTREME: the Industry Jacks Line

The Paoli Extreme jacks line has been specifically designed for industrial applications and is suitable for operations involving construction, quarries, mines and the lifting of earthmoving machinery. DPLIFT M80/42 is an air-hydraulic model, equipped with a double descent valve, which allows the speed control under load. The foldable handle, the hooks and the wide pneumatic tyres facilitate the changes of position and improve the handling during the use.
Each DPLIFT jack can be used with a wide range of accessories, in order to meet all customers’ needs. Download Paoli’s General Catalogue and select your model.

Paoli Pit Stop 2016 Formula 1 Calendar

Download the 2016 Formula 1 Calendar!

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The Formula 1 championship is one of the most eagerly awaited sport events of the year.
Paoli, one month before the beginning of the races, is already in pole position, ready to support the best racing teams with our state-of-the-art wheel guns.
The 2016 Formula 1 Season starts with the Australian Grand Prix, in Melbourne, scheduled for March 20th, and finishes November 27th with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
The calendar introduces two news among the 21 races: the reintroduction of the German Grand Prix, in the historic Hockenheim circuit, and the addition of the new Baku City Circuit, in Azerbaijan, for the European Grand Prix.
The pilots are ready to challenge themselves in their race cars, giving us a year full of emotions and adrenaline. Follow the 2016 Formula 1 Championship with Paoli and download our Calendar.
We are already on the starting grid. Are you?

Paoli Fast Shuttle 2 Pit Stop

Fast Shuttle 2.0: the Pit Stop Evolution

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Fast Shuttle 2.0:

Paoli, in cooperation with the leading motorsport teams, is always studying and developing new technologies to improve Pit Stop timing and performances. The outcomes of this research are up-to-date high technology products, such as the Fast Shuttle 2.0.
Evolution of the previous model Fast Shuttle 1.0, it has been created to further speed up the user’s reaction when he changes the direction. Designed to be user-friendly, the Fast Shuttle 2.0 is a revolutionary active auto reverse system: the operator has simply to press the lever to activate the inversion system. Specifically, it works like the previous model, but the activation needs to be executed through a wrist movement, instead of a thumb movement. The reaction time, in this way, has been reduced by 80%.
It works on the following Paoli wheel guns: DP 6000, DP 5000 TI MARK II, DP 4000 MG.
Fast Shuttle 2.0: the Pit Stop evolution.

Paoli Pit Stop DP 6000 Motorsport Wheel Gun Avvitatore

DP 6000: a different point of view

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Have you ever watched the world from a different perspective?
Sometimes changing our point of view make us see new details, value new things and arrive at unexpected results. Our best inventions and most famous products are born this way.
The new DP 6000 comes from our curiosity and our constant research of new points of view. Love for details, the use of high quality materials and the revolutionary 90° ergonomics handle make the latest Paoli wheel gun a technology gem.
Pointing our focus on the user and on his necessities allowed us to optimize the performances and to refine the ergonomics. The new handle grade makes the wheel gun easy to use and comfortable in every work situation. The oiler, directly built-in in the handle, guarantees a full fluid aspiration and considerably improves the perfomances. The new metallic powder painting ensures an high resistance to impacts and frictions. We chose materials such as carbon and magnesium alloy in order to enhance the lightness. The result of all this improvements is a fast, easy-to-use and extremely reliable wheel gun.
The new DP 6000 is a statement of our passion for design and love for details, which are outcomes of the italian handmade culture. Nothing has been left to chance, because Paoli’s high quality is made of your enthusiasm and achievements.

DP 6000: a different point of view.

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Paoli Posters Collection Merchandising

Paoli Posters: Merchandising, Made in Paoli

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In Paoli, we are passionate. We love to share our products exclusivity and to surprise you with innovations and surprises.
In these days, another news is coming for you: we are introducing a new area on our website, designed entirely for our merchandising. Inside this section you’re going to find a hard-printed poster collection, designed for our customers, resellers and racing-lovers who feel themselves part of our world and share with us emotions and passions.
We want to share with you our values and achievements, in images. Therefore, we started searching in our archives, and identifying the most important and symbolic pictures of our history and memories. Our posters, divided in three different categories (Automotive, Motorsport and Vintage), describe Paoli’s dedication and devotion for work, from 1968 to today.
A preview of our poster selection will be presented in the posters webpage, and, for each of them, a specific page has been designed to highlight the overall dimensions and the technical specifications. Every panel has been realized in high quality 3mm Forex, in order to guarantee lightness and long-lasting duration. High definition, colors brightness and details highlighting are the outcome of the material used and of the print quality.

Paoli Posters: Merchandising, made in Paoli.

Visit our new posters webpage!

Paoli Christmas Card 2015 - Happy Holidays - Merry Christmas - Happy New Year 2016

Happy Holidays from Paoli!

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Another year is passing, and it’s time to review it. For Paoli, 2015 has been an extraordinary year, full of great results. The key of our success is, above all, you, our clients. Your trust, your continuous support and your feedback keep on motivating and improving us, every day.


2016 is coming, and we love to imagine ourselves with you, driven by the wish of achieving new goals and unexpected projects.


We are already waiting for a year full of innovations and, in the meantime, we want to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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The new Paoli Sockets: technology and style

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Love for detail is the leading thread of high quality products. The new Paoli Sockets are the result of this love, of dedication and of the most advanced engineering researches in the work field.
Born from the partnership with the best racing teams and from the study of the individual championships needs, the Paoli Sockets are designed to offer versatility, safety and reliability to the operators. The perfect tolerance allows the assembly and disassembling processes to be accurate and fast. The insertion of service holes makes the magnets replacement quick and easy. An internal special O-Ring gives the socket ideal grip in every moment.
The new Paoli Sockets are realized in two different materials: titanium, suitable for the race applications, and aeronautical aluminium, light and strong.
High tech embraces design in the new Paoli Sockets, creating a recognizable and technologically advanced product. The refined lines, the elegant shape and the advanced forms reinvent the made in Italy tradition in a new contemporary interpretation with a unique style.
Paoli Sockets: details make the difference.
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Brand new: Paoli Sockets

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The new Paoli Sockets are an unprecedented product and the result of a long and complex engineering research. Consultation with hundreds of race clients has ensured that the Paoli Sockets’ technological development go hand in hand with the real needs of racing teams in terms of versatility, safety, materials and maintenance.

– Two different materials: titanium and aeronautical aluminium, the first suitable for the race application and the second suitable for non-intensive use and torque wrench.
– Innovative design, attractive shapes and aesthetically pleasing.
– Accuracy in fitting the socket to the wrench, perfect tolerance and can be assembled and disassembled just by hand.
– Innovative safety system for inserting the pin into the THROUGH THE SOCKET/SQUARE DRIVE. REVOLUTIONARY SYSTEM when assembling the socket by using the SPRING CLIP and AN ‘O’ ring on the cover.
Maximum safety, a fine fitting and a considerably reduced assembly time.
– Insertion of service holes for maintenance of magnets: replacing magnets is quick and easy, with a simple plug-locator.
– Internal ‘O’ ring retaining nut made from new Paoli Sockets material. The exclusive resin gives the socket ideal grip with its high gripping power.
– The Paoli Sockets Service Kit for the maintenance and replacement of worn parts contains everything needed to work on the socket simply and safely.A brief instruction manual indicates the optimum way to carry out operations (E.g. replacement and subsequent refinement of magnets).

More information:

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