Paoli Women Factor Success

Paoli: a Success Run by Women

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The motors world is often considered men’s territory. Paoli, instead, has decided to count on women: from executive to decision-making positions, women are instrumental for our success. Their distinctive features, such as talent in organizing and managing things, persistency and reciprocity are inspirational and allow us to improve.
Women’s imputs add value to our work, conveyed in the acknowledgement of our results, focus on the individual abilities and organizational optimization of the operative team. It is no coincidence then that, during 2015, the 3 new additions to our staff are all females.
Women have a key role also in expressing Paoli’s values: the determination to pursue new targets, the courage to walk never-traveled streets and the responsibility in the work cycle management. This values, other than being the company guidelines, represent also typical female features. Therefore, the “woman factor” becomes an essential part in the evolution of a company policy which has always been devoted to the people: the power and reliability of Paoli products are the result of the individual efforts, appreciation of unique skills and mutual partnership.


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