New DP 4000 MG TSA

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State of the art in motorsport pit stop monitoring, the new DP4000 MG TSA applies patented high precision non-contact sensing technology to measure the angular rotations of the drive shaft and the torque energy that is transferred at every hammering impact. Intelligent software in the onboard multiprocessor signal processing electronics combines the results of the two measurements: Absolute Torque Energy and Angular Rotations, to determine when the wheel nut sits tight. Additional sensors determine when the tool is active or should go into power save mode.
The tool is delivered with a default operation mode, however the PRAG Pit Stop Dashboard software (Windows PC interface) allows the user to make changes to critical operational parameters used to trigger the tools bright LED display, to signal when a wheel-nut tightening process has been completed successfully. If used under controlled conditions, the system can help to dramatically reduce false tightening incidences.

Best practice: F1, GP2, IRL, ELMS, WEC.

The DP 4000 MG TSA is offered in three different versions:
the Fast Left Hand version (Blue) loosens nuts tightened clockwise faster;
the Fast Right Hand version (Red) loosens nuts tightened anticlockwise faster;
the special UNHANDED version (Black) loosens at same speed both the nuts tightened clockwise and anticlockwise.

The Torque and Angle Sensor System consist of the following elements:
• A DP4000 MG TSA or TSA Retrofit Kit (mounted on any standard Paoli Gun)
• The Pit Stop Box used for operating and connecting up to 4 wheel guns to a PC.
• The Pit Stop Dashboard Software used for making changes to all of the critical operational parameters, viewing pit stop results and data logging.


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