Paoli Pit Stop DP 6000 Motorsport Wheel Gun Avvitatore

DP 6000: a different point of view

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Have you ever watched the world from a different perspective?
Sometimes changing our point of view make us see new details, value new things and arrive at unexpected results. Our best inventions and most famous products are born this way.
The new DP 6000 comes from our curiosity and our constant research of new points of view. Love for details, the use of high quality materials and the revolutionary 90° ergonomics handle make the latest Paoli wheel gun a technology gem.
Pointing our focus on the user and on his necessities allowed us to optimize the performances and to refine the ergonomics. The new handle grade makes the wheel gun easy to use and comfortable in every work situation. The oiler, directly built-in in the handle, guarantees a full fluid aspiration and considerably improves the perfomances. The new metallic powder painting ensures an high resistance to impacts and frictions. We chose materials such as carbon and magnesium alloy in order to enhance the lightness. The result of all this improvements is a fast, easy-to-use and extremely reliable wheel gun.
The new DP 6000 is a statement of our passion for design and love for details, which are outcomes of the italian handmade culture. Nothing has been left to chance, because Paoli’s high quality is made of your enthusiasm and achievements.

DP 6000: a different point of view.

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