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The new Paoli Pit Stop Series Catalogue is here!

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The 2018 Paoli Pit Stop Series Catalogue, completely updated in graphics and contents, sees the addition of several new products and accessories, enhancing this way Paoli’s manufacturing range.


The wheel guns section has been expanded with the new Hurricane and Typhoon, our cordless wheel gun.


To them are added the new Paoli Wheel Nuts, compatible with F488, and the new Paoli Sockets, specifically designed for Super TC2000, Lamborghini Super Trofeo, GP2 and Super Formula.


The Air Supply System range has been increased with the air pressure regulator F50, the new trolley kits and the 9 liters carbon fiber air bottle.


There are also two new Wheel Gun Optionals: the Air Fast Shuttle, which allows the changing of the direction simply by activating a lever, and the Fastshift, an operator-controlled auto-reverse device.


In order to supply the clients with a complete service we have finally extended our offer with the new Motorcycle Sport section: dedicated optionals, specific accessories and the new 4Bike wheel gun, created for endurance races.


Paoli high quality and top-of-the-range performances have been the guidelines in the realization of all the innovations and implementations.


Download the 2018 Paoli Pit Stop Series Catalogue!

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Paoli SRC Kawasaki 24H Le Mans Moto

Paoli and SRC Kawasaki at the 2017 Le Mans 24 Hours Moto

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The Le Mans 24 Hours Moto is an essential appointment for Endurance enthusiasts. The unique charm of the Bugatti circuit and the long tradition of this event attract more than 150,000 spectators and supporters every year.


The 40th edition of the event has been held on April 15th and 16th, and Paoli was along the SRC Kawasaki Team, with whom the Italian company has signed an important partnership for the current year. This settlement with the French team, which races in the FIM Endurance World Championship, shows Paoli’s participation in the two-wheels world and in the endurance motorcycle competitions.


During the weekend, the SRC Kawasaki team, composed by De Puniet, Foret and Gines, has obtained great results, achieving the third step of the podium. A great success, outcome of work, commitment and passion.


Start your engines: with Paoli and SRC Kawasaki the season is at full throttle!

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Paoli Tyre Scraper

The new Tyre Scraper is here!

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More efficient and effective, the new Tyre Scraper TS-03 is the ideal solution to extend the life of tyres. It allows to remove irregularities and debris from tyres without damaging the compound with inadequate tools and excessive temperatures.


Born from the Greaves 3d Engineering experience, the Tyre Scraper has been redesigned in order to ease the operator’s’ work and make it faster. The new shaped handle and the blade position make the usage more comfortable, increasing at the same time the performance.

The built-in heat gun is fitted out with a variable temperature range (100-600° C). It is also possible to program the fan speed, reducing the operation time on the tyre surface.


The new Tyre Scraper is recommended for use in all motorsport environments, from karting to F1.


Always performing tyres with Paoli and Greaves 3d Engineering!


Paoli Torque Control & Shut off - Dyno Hydraulic Revolution

Torque Control & Shut-off: Paoli’s Hydraulic Revolution

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In Paoli, we love to offer to our customers the most excellent technological solutions and the best-performing tools in every situation. It’s from this attitude that comes Dyno: Paoli’s hydraulic revolution. Dyno is part of a range of hydraulic products, which have the goal to please every client’s implementation needs. Available for different voltages, Dyno is composed of an hydraulic wrench and an electrically operated control unit.


Dyno’s applications

When an air supply is not available, Dyno becomes an irreplaceable work tool. Essential for outdoor support operations, it is fitted to be used in construction sites, moving workshops, infrastructures maintenance and roadside assistance.
Dyno is perfect also for tyre specialists, repair shops and situations where all the air supplies are already being used by other tools.
Furthermore, thanks to the heat sink, which brings out the heat generated, it is ideal for the use in harsh climatic conditions.


The Dyno system

Paoli’s experience and know-how has led to the development of a revolutionary hydraulic wrench with hammer mechanism. The oil pressure regulation allows to obtain an accurate and clear torque control. The torque range can be set from 300 to 3000 Nm while tightening, whereas while loosening it is possible to employ the maximum power even with particularly tricky nuts.
The Dyno system is convenient and easy-to-use: it is sufficient to connect it to an electrical outlet or to a power generator. The power supply system, only composed of two whip hoses, is extremely manoeuvrable by the user. The lateral handles enable an easy carriage of the control unit.


Dyno’s pros

– Shut-off technology
– Torque control
– It does not require air supply
– Extreme power
– Speed and control in the same wrench
– Little maintenance
– Easy-to-use

Discover Paoli’s hydraulic range! Write us at





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Paoli Pit Stop Series Catalogue 2017 Motorsport Cover

The 2017 Paoli Pit Stop Series Catalogue is here!

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With a new graphic and improved contents, the 2017 Paoli Pit Stop Series catalogue is, as usual, on time for the yearly appointment with customers and users.


The 2017 Catalogue is abundant of new products, which are the outcomes of our technicians research and the feedbacks from customers and racing teams.

The “Wheel Guns” section has been expanded with the following models: DP 6000 Classic Handle, DP 5000 BIAS, DP 3000 SuperSport and Rocket (our new cordless wheel gun).

The new 0-60 bar glycerine gauges and high pressure oiler with flow regulation system have been included in the “Air Supply System” section.

The Paoli Sockets range is also enriched with models specifically designed for: Ferrari F488, Lamborghini Huracán GT3, Lamborghini Super Trofeo, Porsche 991 Cup, Porsche 997 and Super Formula.


Another important development refers to the wheel guns livery: it has been designed a restyling  focused both on elegance and chromatic balance, which depends on the wheel gun range identity (top and standard).


The graphics have also been completely renewed to be immediate, engaging and easy to read. The products info sheets are now enriched with new informative images which, with the addition of explanatory key points, allow the reader to easily understand the wheel gun peculiarities.


Enter in Paoli’s world and download now your 2017 Pit Stop Series catalogue in digital version, or request an hardcopy at:

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Paoli Unipg Racing Team

Paoli and Unipg Racing Team

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Paoli continuously invests in training and technology, in order to offer to his customers original solutions and groundbreaking products. We love to support who, like us, knows that education, experience and research are instrumental in the achievement of results. That is why we chose to sponsor Unipg Racing Team: a project, conducted by a team of students of the University of Perugia, whose purpose is to realize racing car prototypes.


The first prototype, named RB11.1, made his debut in the Italian Formula SAE in 2013, placing itself in the middle of the ranking table during the race at the Varano de’ Melegari Autodromo.

The production of the current prototype started in 2014: the RB 11.2. Thanks to the engineering developments and the optimizations during the planning stage, the team has significantly increased its general score, compared with the previous year, during the annual Italian Formula SAE appointment.


The racing cars, realized at the University of Perugia labs in cooperation with a local workshop, must pass strict controls and prove to be efficient in performances, fuel consumption and reliability in order to race.

Supporting Unipg Racing Team is, for Paoli, an important opportunity to contribute to the success of a group of students who work hard daily to produce competitive and well-performing prototypes.



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Paoli: the Art of Pit Stop Cover

The Art of Pit Stop

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Concentration, speed, training: Pit Stop is an art. Paoli knows it. This is the reason why we took inspiration from the works of some famous artists and decided to periodically show to you our re-visited versions, where Paoli’s wheel guns and accessories are the main characters: essential elements for the perfect tire change.


Paoli: the Art of Pit Stop.


This week, we pay tribute to Andy Warhol:


Paoli: the Art of Pit Stop - Andy Wharol

Paoli: the Art of Pit Stop – Andy Warhol

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Paoli General Catalogue 2016 Automotive Industry Cover

The new General Catalogue 2016 is here!

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The new General Catalogue 2016 is here: Paoli’s world, from little workshops to big industries.

Creating a new graphic style requires time, love and dedication.
The latest Paoli’s General Catalogue has been specifically designed for customers and enthusiasts: an eye-catching design, a direct approach and an intuitive section-divided layout make the new catalogue an easy-to-use tool.
Thought within an evolution and renovation path focused on the user, the General Catalogue 2016 shows in the first pages two different index: the first one is organized according to the different kind of products, giving an easy access to the items the user is looking for and their informations; the second one shows Paoli’s impact wrenches. This division has been sorted in relation to the square drive dimension, allowing a simple selection of the most suitable model, from 1/2” to 2 1/2”.
From impact wrenches to ecological trolleys, DP Lifts and accessories, every product page has been detailed with new images, revised data and explanatory informations.
Download our new General Catalogue 2016!
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Paoli Pit Stop Autosport International Birmingham January Motorsport Exhibition

Autosport International: January 14-17

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The 2016 european racing pre-season opening it’s up to one of the most important Motorsport exhibition around the world: the Autosport International, in Birmingham.
From January 14 to 17 the National Exhibition Center is going to host more than 600 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors from 50 different countries.
From karting to Formula 1, Autosport International is the biggest european Motor Racing exposition and, since 25 years, it’s a milestone for racing lover and enthusiasts.
CES Europe and others Paoli resellers and partners will be present at the NEC with Paoli wheel guns, accessories and pit equipment.
This exhibition will be an important opportunity to present the new DP 6000, an high performance motorsport wheel gun with innovative ergonomics, and all the newest Paoli products.
We look forward to see you in Birmingham to discover Paoli’s design and technology!

Paoli Posters Collection Merchandising

Paoli Posters: Merchandising, Made in Paoli

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In Paoli, we are passionate. We love to share our products exclusivity and to surprise you with innovations and surprises.
In these days, another news is coming for you: we are introducing a new area on our website, designed entirely for our merchandising. Inside this section you’re going to find a hard-printed poster collection, designed for our customers, resellers and racing-lovers who feel themselves part of our world and share with us emotions and passions.
We want to share with you our values and achievements, in images. Therefore, we started searching in our archives, and identifying the most important and symbolic pictures of our history and memories. Our posters, divided in three different categories (Automotive, Motorsport and Vintage), describe Paoli’s dedication and devotion for work, from 1968 to today.
A preview of our poster selection will be presented in the posters webpage, and, for each of them, a specific page has been designed to highlight the overall dimensions and the technical specifications. Every panel has been realized in high quality 3mm Forex, in order to guarantee lightness and long-lasting duration. High definition, colors brightness and details highlighting are the outcome of the material used and of the print quality.

Paoli Posters: Merchandising, made in Paoli.

Visit our new posters webpage!

Paoli at PRI 2015 - Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in Indianapolis USA

Paoli @ PRI 2015 in Indianapolis

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From December 10th to December 12th the greatest racing industry professionals will be present at the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show, held in Indianapolis. Paoli will gladly welcome you at the 43/48 stand, in the yellow pavillion.
The PRI is the most important Motorsport exhibition in the USA, and it gathers more than 40,000 representatives of the racing sector, from over 70 countries. The latest engineering innovations and the newest technologies for the racing sector will be presented throughout the three-day program.
Paoli, always focused on technological evolutions and on the Motorsport sector news, is going to take an active part in the exposition, bringing to PRI its high quality products from the Made in Italy tradition.
The event will be an important opportunity to show the Paoli Wheel Guns potentiality and technical features, from the newest and innovative models, such as the DP 6000, to well-known and used wheel guns, like the DP 4000 MG. Additionally, the new Paoli Sockets and Accessories will be highlighted. They are the result of Paoli’s experience in the racing sector, as well as its enthusiasm in fulfilling all clients’ needs regarding functionality, design and innovation.
Paoli will be able to satisfy the ever-changing racing market’s requirements, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art materials, the dedicated research & development investments and the continuos focus on design. Those are the keys that Paoli is going to bring overseas with its products.
Hurry up! We will be pleased to receive you at the 43/48 stand, in the yellow pavilion!

DinoPaoli.Com – The new website is online!

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In Paoli we are always on the move. We love being inspired, being captured by sensations and give birth to new ideas. Our autumn will be full of surprises, innovations and changes. Looking forward to it, we started updating our look. From today on the new Paoli website is waiting for you: not just a simple web page but a journey inside our world, made of work, passion and high-quality products, as only made in Italy can do.

Renovated graphic design

We have completely renovated our graphic design: captivating, user-friendly and optimized for mobile devices.

Intuitive and focused menus

The ease consultation and usability of our contents is essential for us. Our menus are intuitive and designed to give you a fast and focused access to the sections.

New texts, images and tags

Product pages are now improved with new images and explanatory texts and are also associated with a selection of tags to facilitate your researchs.

New e-commerce

For your online shopping we designed our new e-commerce: a powerful tool linked to the primary website through a restricted area dedicated to clients and resellers.



Stay tuned! Following our blog and our social-media accounts you can always be updated on Paoli’s latest news. We look forward to your comments!

Download and print this article.


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Dino Paoli @ Pit Talk Radio, (Italian)

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L’intervista radiofonica al Dott. Federico Galloni, Direttore Commerciale nonchè Socio di Dino Paoli SRL. Paoli Pit Stop Series, leader indiscusso dei Pit Stop nel mondo Motorsport, grazie agli avvitatori avveneristici che produce direttamente per tutti i team di Formula 1! Puntata 21 – 21/07/07/2015 Paoli Avvitatori, Stefano Mancini, Francesco Svelto e Cristian Buttazzoni.

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Quattroruote: Francesca Paoli named one of the top ten personalities of the year

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The media spotlights have always shone on Dino Paoli, which has cleverly blended technological innovation and a passion for the job. A new challenge has been met, and recognising the merit this time was the prestigious magazine Quattroruote, which included Francesca Paoli among the top ten motor world personalities of the year, chosen for their commitment, courage, ideas and innovations for tackling the crisis.

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