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It has been a great year working with you! Have a happy holiday season and a successful new year.

Please note that our company will be closed on the following dates: 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st of December and 1st of January!

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Thanks for sharing with us the first 50 years of Dino Paoli company!
Thanks for the support, thanks for the smiles and thanks for the congratulations!
The affection and warmth you have shown us are the most beautiful gift we could receive.
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Paoli at SEMA Show 2018

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We inform you that we will show our new products at SEMA Show 2018 from 30 October to 2 November 2018.


You will be more than welcome at our Booth 10172 – North Hall – Section: Tools and Equipment.


We would be grateful if you could confirm your visit to our booth by writing us, within October 23rd, at:


Should you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For Paoli’s Booth coordinates click here:

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The updated version of the catalogue completely dedicated to automotive and industry range is here!
The 2018 edition has been enriched with numerous products and accessories.


The range of Paoli impact wrenches includes new models such as the compact and efficient Butterfly, the super-powerful DP1800 Plus, the light but strong DP3450, the modern and powerful DP3500 and the DP3800 with an excellent power-to-weight ratio.


Among the ecological trolleys, you can find the Mobile Working Unit, which represent a return to Paoli tradition with a touch of innovation, and the new trolley designed to easily support and transport articulated arms.


The DPLIFT section, completed with detailed descriptions and updated images, now presents a new subdivision by type and an introductory scheme that allows to easily identify the most suitable solution to your needs.


The new set of super thin wall impact sockets, characterized by a 1/2″ square drive, increases the Paoli accessories range. Designed specifically for alloy wheels, it is composed of 17, 19 and 21 mm hexagonal sockets, quickly identifiable through appropriate color codes.


Download the 2018 Paoli General Catalogue!

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The experience in Paoli Motorsport field (result of constant technological research and collaboration with the best teams in the world) has allowed us the development of our impact wrenches also in the automotive and industry sector; mostly in reliability, precision and durability.

Our impact wrench DP160 inherits from the racing skills not only the know-how but also the design in motorsport perfect style.

The model DP160, available with short or long anvil, has a 1″ square drive and a bolt capacity of M16-M30.

It has a 3-jaw hammer mechanism, it weights only 5.6 kgs and it has a max torque of 1900 Nm.

The impact wrench DP160, is the perfect solution for an industrial 

This model, combining weight and power, is the ideal solution for an industrial use without the need for supports.

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The high quality of our products as well as the continuous research of solutions responding to our customers needs are Paoli’s keys to success both for Motorsport and Automotive.

The constant innovation and investments made in R&D for Motorsport allowed us to develop safe, performing and longlasting impact wrenches suitable for the automotive and industrial fields. This is the case of our DP251, whose restyling 2018 is the result of the know-how developped by cooperating with the main racing teams and of the cutting edge technologies introduced in Motorsport.

The implemented performance reliability and the perfected 3-jaws impact mechanism make the DP251 a powerful, extremely precise tool and ranks it at the top of its market share.

Designed for heavy vehicles purposes, it has a 1 inch square drive and M18-M39 bolt range. It’s featured by black anodized aluminium and grease lubricated, it weighs 9 Kg. The professional pneumatic impact wrench DP251 is also available with long anvil and in Atex version, specific for mines, oil fields and shipbuilding.

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DP 246

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The professional pneumatic impact wrench DP246 was born from Paoli’s experience to provide customers with a light, durable and technologically advanced tool.
Today’s new version is even more performing and resistant with 1″ square drive and bolt range M18-M39.
Our DP246 is equipped with the innovative pin-clutch hammer mechanism with oil bath lubrication system and featured by its Ergal aluminium front cover and low vibrations.
Its maximum torque is 2796 Nm and weights 8.2 kg. Long anvil version is also available.
The DP 246 impact wrench is the perfect solution for trucks, buses, tractors and any industrial assembly.

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The new Paoli Pit Stop Series Catalogue is here!

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The 2018 Paoli Pit Stop Series Catalogue, completely updated in graphics and contents, sees the addition of several new products and accessories, enhancing this way Paoli’s manufacturing range.


The wheel guns section has been expanded with the new Hurricane and Typhoon, our cordless wheel gun.


To them are added the new Paoli Wheel Nuts, compatible with F488, and the new Paoli Sockets, specifically designed for Super TC2000, Lamborghini Super Trofeo, GP2 and Super Formula.


The Air Supply System range has been increased with the air pressure regulator F50, the new trolley kits and the 9 liters carbon fiber air bottle.


There are also two new Wheel Gun Optionals: the Air Fast Shuttle, which allows the changing of the direction simply by activating a lever, and the Fastshift, an operator-controlled auto-reverse device.


In order to supply the clients with a complete service we have finally extended our offer with the new Motorcycle Sport section: dedicated optionals, specific accessories and the new 4Bike wheel gun, created for endurance races.


Paoli high quality and top-of-the-range performances have been the guidelines in the realization of all the innovations and implementations.


Download the 2018 Paoli Pit Stop Series Catalogue!

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Paoli Hurricane 1

Hurricane: Performance, Quality and Design

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From Paoli’s experience and its cutting edge sectorial engineering research a new wheel gun is born: Hurricane. The partnership with highly skilled technicians and the most important racing teams has allowed the development of an innovative, greatly performing and technologically advanced product.


Optimizing the pressured air fluid dynamics, thanks to a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) study, has permitted not only to sharpen the engine performance, but also to create an unique, fresh and well-finished design.


Care for the details reveals itself also in the use of new technologies in the production area, such as the lost wax casting, intended to assure the internal channels dimension repeatability and to guarantee homogeneity in performance.

Hurricane performance on loosening has increased by 10%, while on the tightening side it has remained intentionally unchanged compared to the previous models, in order to avoid excessive tightening.


Moreover, the new Hurricane is suitable for the new Fast Shift: a lever system which allows an immediate side reversal and to save a remarkable amount of time between the removal of the old tyre and the installation of the new one.


Lastly, the selection of materials such as carbon, aluminum and aeronautical steel makes Hurricane a fast and extremely reliable wheel gun.


Discover the new Hurricane with Paoli and United Race Parts!

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Paoli Torque Control & Shut off - Dyno Hydraulic Revolution

Torque Control & Shut-off: Paoli’s Hydraulic Revolution

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In Paoli, we love to offer to our customers the most excellent technological solutions and the best-performing tools in every situation. It’s from this attitude that comes Dyno: Paoli’s hydraulic revolution. Dyno is part of a range of hydraulic products, which have the goal to please every client’s implementation needs. Available for different voltages, Dyno is composed of an hydraulic wrench and an electrically operated control unit.


Dyno’s applications

When an air supply is not available, Dyno becomes an irreplaceable work tool. Essential for outdoor support operations, it is fitted to be used in construction sites, moving workshops, infrastructures maintenance and roadside assistance.
Dyno is perfect also for tyre specialists, repair shops and situations where all the air supplies are already being used by other tools.
Furthermore, thanks to the heat sink, which brings out the heat generated, it is ideal for the use in harsh climatic conditions.


The Dyno system

Paoli’s experience and know-how has led to the development of a revolutionary hydraulic wrench with hammer mechanism. The oil pressure regulation allows to obtain an accurate and clear torque control. The torque range can be set from 300 to 3000 Nm while tightening, whereas while loosening it is possible to employ the maximum power even with particularly tricky nuts.
The Dyno system is convenient and easy-to-use: it is sufficient to connect it to an electrical outlet or to a power generator. The power supply system, only composed of two whip hoses, is extremely manoeuvrable by the user. The lateral handles enable an easy carriage of the control unit.


Dyno’s pros

– Shut-off technology
– Torque control
– It does not require air supply
– Extreme power
– Speed and control in the same wrench
– Little maintenance
– Easy-to-use

Discover Paoli’s hydraulic range! Write us at





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Paoli Pit Stop Series Catalogue 2017 Motorsport Cover

The 2017 Paoli Pit Stop Series Catalogue is here!

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With a new graphic and improved contents, the 2017 Paoli Pit Stop Series catalogue is, as usual, on time for the yearly appointment with customers and users.


The 2017 Catalogue is abundant of new products, which are the outcomes of our technicians research and the feedbacks from customers and racing teams.

The “Wheel Guns” section has been expanded with the following models: DP 6000 Classic Handle, DP 5000 BIAS, DP 3000 SuperSport and Rocket (our new cordless wheel gun).

The new 0-60 bar glycerine gauges and high pressure oiler with flow regulation system have been included in the “Air Supply System” section.

The Paoli Sockets range is also enriched with models specifically designed for: Ferrari F488, Lamborghini Huracán GT3, Lamborghini Super Trofeo, Porsche 991 Cup, Porsche 997 and Super Formula.


Another important development refers to the wheel guns livery: it has been designed a restyling  focused both on elegance and chromatic balance, which depends on the wheel gun range identity (top and standard).


The graphics have also been completely renewed to be immediate, engaging and easy to read. The products info sheets are now enriched with new informative images which, with the addition of explanatory key points, allow the reader to easily understand the wheel gun peculiarities.


Enter in Paoli’s world and download now your 2017 Pit Stop Series catalogue in digital version, or request an hardcopy at:

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Paoli DP 1800 & DP 3400 Impact Wrenches

DP 1800 & DP 3400: Strength and Quality for your Workshop

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Paoli’s compact impact wrenches range, specifically created for workshops, comes from the company experience in the Automotive field. This products have been designed to offer to the operator comfort and easy use, to be as convenient as possible and to provide great performances.
DP 1800 is the ideal solution for tire centers and small mechanic’s workshops.
Small size and little weight, just 2.1 Kg (4.63 lbs), allow this impact wrench to easily perform each task. The 1,080 Nm ultimate torque, built-in power regulator and twin hammer mechanism make DP 1800 a suitable tool for professional employ.
DP 1800, available in short anvil or long anvil versions, has a M10-M16 bolt range and a ½” square drive.
DP 3400 is recommended for industrial assembly, heavy vehicles and commercial vehicles.
The optimized weight/power ratio permit DP 3400 to always achieve the best effectiveness during the usage. The 5,500 rpm free speed, 1,690 Nm ultimate torque and twin hammer mechanism ensure a great performance in every situation.
Strong and reliable, DP 3400 has a M32 bolt range and a ¾” square drive. Available in short anvil or long anvil versions, it is equipped with a 3-levels-indicator trigger.
The small dimensions, ergonomics designed to optimize the handle and high-durability materials make DP 1800 and DP 3400 perfect tools for the most demanding professionals.

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Paoli Red Devil 2.0 Nascar Pit Stop Wheel Gun

Red Devil 2.0: from Italy to Nascar

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From the Adriatic Sea to the Po Valley, the italian region Emilia-Romagna hosts a deeply-rooted motor tradition and is home of major racing companies such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Pagani and Ducati. Paoli is born from these roads’ passion and the new Red Devil 2.0 is the outcome of our connection with an area that, over the time, has developed various high-qualified manufacturing and engineering skills.
The new Red Devil 2.0 expresses a well-estabilished know-how: every component has been locally produced, valorizing the region’s industrial experience and using elaborate and extremely precise processing techniques.
Specifically designed for Nascar, this wheel gun has been developed in order to give an extraordinary loosening power to the operator, showing the best efficiency even in case of overtightened bolts.
Created to always supply maximum comfort during the usage, Red Devil 2.0 offers great stability and extreme lightness, thanks to the innovative and optimized hammer mechanism, the magnesium handle and the high-performance materials used.
Technological innovations, unique design, geometric smooth lines, details’ elegance and harmonious size are an expression of Red Devil 2.0’s Made in Italy style.
With this engineering masterpiece, Paoli is ready for the 2016 Nascar season. After all, Daytona is not so far from Italy.

Red Devil 2.0: from Italy to Nascar.


Paoli Pit Stop DP 6000 Motorsport Wheel Gun Avvitatore

DP 6000: a different point of view

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Have you ever watched the world from a different perspective?
Sometimes changing our point of view make us see new details, value new things and arrive at unexpected results. Our best inventions and most famous products are born this way.
The new DP 6000 comes from our curiosity and our constant research of new points of view. Love for details, the use of high quality materials and the revolutionary 90° ergonomics handle make the latest Paoli wheel gun a technology gem.
Pointing our focus on the user and on his necessities allowed us to optimize the performances and to refine the ergonomics. The new handle grade makes the wheel gun easy to use and comfortable in every work situation. The oiler, directly built-in in the handle, guarantees a full fluid aspiration and considerably improves the perfomances. The new metallic powder painting ensures an high resistance to impacts and frictions. We chose materials such as carbon and magnesium alloy in order to enhance the lightness. The result of all this improvements is a fast, easy-to-use and extremely reliable wheel gun.
The new DP 6000 is a statement of our passion for design and love for details, which are outcomes of the italian handmade culture. Nothing has been left to chance, because Paoli’s high quality is made of your enthusiasm and achievements.

DP 6000: a different point of view.

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Paoli Wheel Guns Impact Wrench Pit Stop Series

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Dino Paoli Srl Wheel Guns Impact Wrenches, since 1968, technology made in Italy. Paoli Pit Stop Series.

Set up in 1968, Dino Paoli srl deals in producing pneumatic impact wrenches, wheel guns and accessories. The absolute quality of the product offered, the innate technological vocation and the efficiency of a flawless service guarantee the Emilia-based company its leadership on the domestic market and opportunities the world over.
Since 1975 Dino Paoli srl supplies the extremely demanding Formula 1 sector and numbers, among its customers, all the teams participating in the most advanced and competitive, existing race championship. In 1990 the company is welcomed into the US Motorsport when equipping the Irl and Alms Formula teams with its innovative impact wrenches and highly specialised accessories. Today Dino Paoli’s products are essentials in the majority of championships with pit stop.
The constant quest for the most modern technology and the propensity towards development have directed Dino Paoli srl towards the industries and automotive sectors. The company has been producing and marketing for years a complete line of impact wrenches and accessories, conceived to meet the needs of the professionals that operate in the tyre shops and mechanical workshops sector, as well as in the applicative fields of civil and naval industry and engineering.

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