The new Paoli Pit Stop Series Catalogue is here!

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The 2018 Paoli Pit Stop Series Catalogue, completely updated in graphics and contents, sees the addition of several new products and accessories, enhancing this way Paoli’s manufacturing range.


The wheel guns section has been expanded with the new Hurricane and Typhoon, our cordless wheel gun.


To them are added the new Paoli Wheel Nuts, compatible with F488, and the new Paoli Sockets, specifically designed for Super TC2000, Lamborghini Super Trofeo, GP2 and Super Formula.


The Air Supply System range has been increased with the air pressure regulator F50, the new trolley kits and the 9 liters carbon fiber air bottle.


There are also two new Wheel Gun Optionals: the Air Fast Shuttle, which allows the changing of the direction simply by activating a lever, and the Fastshift, an operator-controlled auto-reverse device.


In order to supply the clients with a complete service we have finally extended our offer with the new Motorcycle Sport section: dedicated optionals, specific accessories and the new 4Bike wheel gun, created for endurance races.


Paoli high quality and top-of-the-range performances have been the guidelines in the realization of all the innovations and implementations.


Download the 2018 Paoli Pit Stop Series Catalogue!

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Paoli Hurricane 1

Hurricane: Performance, Quality and Design

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From Paoli’s experience and its cutting edge sectorial engineering research a new wheel gun is born: Hurricane. The partnership with highly skilled technicians and the most important racing teams has allowed the development of an innovative, greatly performing and technologically advanced product.


Optimizing the pressured air fluid dynamics, thanks to a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) study, has permitted not only to sharpen the engine performance, but also to create an unique, fresh and well-finished design.


Care for the details reveals itself also in the use of new technologies in the production area, such as the lost wax casting, intended to assure the internal channels dimension repeatability and to guarantee homogeneity in performance.

Hurricane performance on loosening has increased by 10%, while on the tightening side it has remained intentionally unchanged compared to the previous models, in order to avoid excessive tightening.


Moreover, the new Hurricane is suitable for the new Fast Shift: a lever system which allows an immediate side reversal and to save a remarkable amount of time between the removal of the old tyre and the installation of the new one.


Lastly, the selection of materials such as carbon, aluminum and aeronautical steel makes Hurricane a fast and extremely reliable wheel gun.


Discover the new Hurricane with Paoli and United Race Parts!

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Paoli Cetilar Villorba Corse 24 Hours Le Mans 2017

Cetilar Villorba Corse and Dino Paoli @ 24 Hours of Le Mans

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It is not easy to race in Le Mans: the French circuit is, for each team, a challenge in terms of competition, reliability and resistance; in addition to being one of the most insidious test bed for errors and inconveniences.
The 2017 edition of the endurance competition has been held on June 17th and 18th at the Circuit de La Sarthe, Le Mans: Cetilar Villorba Corse and Dino Paoli were there.


The debut of the Treviso-based team has been a magic moment: a dream came true, bringing the Italian colours on the podium, together with the Dallara P217 and the pilots Roberto Lacorte, Giorgio Sernagiotto and Andrea Belicchi.

The team, at its debut on the most famous and legendary endurance race, has settled the endeavour with a great result, gaining the 9th final place.


Their technical partnership with Dino Paoli has allowed them to give birth to an entire “made in Italy” project: a choice that has proved itself to be winning during the third round of the Endurance World Cup. The Italian excellence and distinction, high quality technology and expertise of the two companies have strengthened and brought to success the “Italian Spirit of Le Mans”.

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Paoli United Race Parts Indianapolis 500 2017

Paoli and United Race Parts @ Indianapolis 500

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Competitiveness, show and pure adrenaline. Indianapolis 500, one of the most famous car races of the year, has been held at the oval-shaped Indianapolis Motor Speedway on May 28th.


The appointment, highly awaited by many enthusiasts and supporters, has been preceded by several events and tests which got the circuit heated. Carb Day, the extremely followed final free practice session happened during the earlier Friday before the race, followed by the TAG Heuer Pit Stop Challenge: a competition in which several teams challenge themselves to establish the fastest one to complete a pit stop. Team Penske, one of the ten teams competing, has won this year title for the 17th time. Paoli and United Race Parts were there, and we decided to reward the winner with a special golden version of our DP 6000 RH wheel gun, and each team with a Indycar service kit.


Paoli and United Race Parts also provide the teams the possibility of customizing the wheel guns liveries. Tequila Patron Extreme Speed Motorsports, a team competing in the 2017 IMSA WeatherTech Championship, uses for its endurance races in the US a Paoli DP 4000 MG UH black and green model, tailored according to the team colors.


Paoli and United Race Parts: Pit Stops at full speed.


Paoli Green DP 4000 MG Indianapolis



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Paoli Tyre Scraper

The new Tyre Scraper is here!

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More efficient and effective, the new Tyre Scraper TS-03 is the ideal solution to extend the life of tyres. It allows to remove irregularities and debris from tyres without damaging the compound with inadequate tools and excessive temperatures.


Born from the Greaves 3d Engineering experience, the Tyre Scraper has been redesigned in order to ease the operator’s’ work and make it faster. The new shaped handle and the blade position make the usage more comfortable, increasing at the same time the performance.

The built-in heat gun is fitted out with a variable temperature range (100-600° C). It is also possible to program the fan speed, reducing the operation time on the tyre surface.


The new Tyre Scraper is recommended for use in all motorsport environments, from karting to F1.


Always performing tyres with Paoli and Greaves 3d Engineering!


Paoli Pit Stop Series Catalogue 2017 Motorsport Cover

The 2017 Paoli Pit Stop Series Catalogue is here!

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With a new graphic and improved contents, the 2017 Paoli Pit Stop Series catalogue is, as usual, on time for the yearly appointment with customers and users.


The 2017 Catalogue is abundant of new products, which are the outcomes of our technicians research and the feedbacks from customers and racing teams.

The “Wheel Guns” section has been expanded with the following models: DP 6000 Classic Handle, DP 5000 BIAS, DP 3000 SuperSport and Rocket (our new cordless wheel gun).

The new 0-60 bar glycerine gauges and high pressure oiler with flow regulation system have been included in the “Air Supply System” section.

The Paoli Sockets range is also enriched with models specifically designed for: Ferrari F488, Lamborghini Huracán GT3, Lamborghini Super Trofeo, Porsche 991 Cup, Porsche 997 and Super Formula.


Another important development refers to the wheel guns livery: it has been designed a restyling  focused both on elegance and chromatic balance, which depends on the wheel gun range identity (top and standard).


The graphics have also been completely renewed to be immediate, engaging and easy to read. The products info sheets are now enriched with new informative images which, with the addition of explanatory key points, allow the reader to easily understand the wheel gun peculiarities.


Enter in Paoli’s world and download now your 2017 Pit Stop Series catalogue in digital version, or request an hardcopy at:

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Paoli Sockets 2017 Dino Paoli Pit Stop

Paoli Sockets: Design & Technology

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In Paoli, we give our best everyday to offer to our clients groundbreaking products, in line with the most recent market demands. The renewed Paoli Sockets range comes from this dedication and allows us to supply our customers with technologically advanced, safe and reliable items.


The key of our success is the bond between innovation and tradition. The Made in Italy tradition, which can be seen in our love for the details, comes together with the constant research, which allow us to continuously improve our skills and know-how.


The 2017 Sockets range has been expanded with new models designed and realized for: Porsche 991 Cup, Porsche 997, Ferrari F488, Lamborghini Huracán GT3 and Nippon Super Formula. The materials selection has been increased as well: titanium, steel and aluminium are used in particular applications to enhance performances and features.


Furthermore, as sockets builders we listen to our clients requests and realize special projects to build customized sockets, not included in our catalogue. Therefore, during the design stage we start a highly personalized research and development process: materials used, magnets chosen and assembly technologies utilized are tailored in order to give to the users the best results.


Paoli Sockets: innovation and style, Made in Paoli.

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Paoli 24 Heures of Spa

Paoli @ the 68th Total 24 Hours of Spa

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From July 28th to 31st, at Spa-Francorchamps circuit, Belgium’s oldest racetrack, will be held one of the most important endurance races of the season: the Total 24 Hours of Spa.


The 68th edition of the event will see 65 teams challenging each other on the starting grid. In addition to the awaited Blancpain GT Series, the prestigious Belgian track will also host the European Formula 3 Championship, the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo and the Formula Renault 2.0 NEC.


Paoli couldn’t miss the opportunity so, with our partner CaseLiner, we will be there during the entire weekend, offering our support to the teams, supplying also accessories and spare parts.


Furthermore, the Total 24 Hours of Spa will be an important occasion to see in action our new Paoli Sockets F488, which, along with the Lamborghini Huracán, are a recent addition to our company sockets range. The new Paoli Sockets are the outcome of the most advanced engineering research. Design blends with technology, creating a reliable and performant product with an unique style.


Are you ready for a weekend full of adrenaline? We are looking forward to see you at the 24 Hours of Spa!



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Paoli Motorsport: a world full of emotions

Paoli Motorsport: a World Full of Emotions

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It is difficult to express the feelings of a Motorsport race. Maybe it is the adrenaline, maybe the exciting environment or the engine roars, but the racing world always succeeds in getting its public involved.
There is a great passion that bonds together the champions and their viewers. The supporters, however, usually don’t know what happens behind the scenes of every competition: the preparation, the technicians groundwork and the commitment of companies that actively contribute to the pilots and racing teams efforts and successes.
Paoli is part of this world, where our products play a prominent role: tire changes require speed, accuracy and advanced technologies. Every split second becomes precious for the perfect pit stop. This is the reason why the company constantly invests in research and training, in order to supply the best well-performing solutions to the racing teams. Paoli knows well that at a 350 km/h speed, it is the details that make the difference between victory and defeat.
It is time to open the pit boxes: the show is about to start. Live it with Paoli!

Watch the #PaoliMotorsport video:


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Paoli Caseliner Winning Team

Paoli and Caseliner: a Winning Team

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Behind the scenes of the success and victories of the most important racing teams there are companies which allow them to challenge, supplying with passion and dedication all the necessary tools for the races.
Every detail is essential, from pit equipment to pit stop technology. Paoli and Caseliner know it, and they have been collaborating together for a very long time to offer to their client innovative, reliable and, most of all, winning solutions. In early 2016, the partnership between the two companies has stepped forward, and now Paoli has become an official Caseliner reseller, also preparing the ground for a collaboration in the Italian area.
Caseliner is a reference point for several racing teams, and it’s synonymous with motorsport specialized pit equipment all over the world. The Czech brand produces refueling equipment, tire transport trolleys and complete pit lane stands systems. Today Caseliner, together with Paoli, offers a sales and support service directly on the most important european circuits.
Attention to the client, commonality of goals and high quality of products are the keys of Paoli and Caseliner’s partnership: two companies that work together to offer to their users customized services and advanced technologies, developed to compete in the most important championships.
Paoli and Caseliner: the road to victory starts from the pit box.
The two companies will partecipate to the following motorsport events:
1/ 24H Le Mans 2016, France
June, 13-19, 2016
2/ 24H SPA / Blancpain GT Series, Belgium
July, 27-31, 2016
3/ PMW 2016 Cologne, DE
November, 9-11, 2016
4/ PRI 2016 Indianapolis, USA
December, 8-10, 2016

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