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The electro-hydraulic power unit Dyno is the ideal tool for tire and maintenance truck shops, road and field services for trucks and heavy duty vehicles, infrastructures, railway applications.

The electro-hydraulic power unit avoids all the inconvenients linked to compressed air: residual water in the network, lubrication of the engine and energy waste when the tool is not in use! Moreover, a 7 kg impact wrench fed by an electro-hydraulic power unit reaches the same torque as a pneumatic 9 kg impact wrench.


Equipped with handles to ensure easy transportation, the Dyno, thanks to the selector for the inversion of phase, can be used on any electrical outlet. Moreover the low voltage electrical control allows the maximum operator safety.

The hydraulic impact wrench, supplied with just 2 flexible hoses, is available in two models: the DPH EVO 340 with ¾” square drive and the DPH EVO 341 with 1″ square drive. Both models are available in short and long anvil versions.

The impact wrench reaches the maximum torque of 3000 Nm on loosening allowing the use even on the most resistant nuts. Thanks to the torque control system, the tightening torque can also be adjusted from 300 to 2800 Nm with a 5% accuracy.


Each Dyno kit includes a power unit, an impact wrench and a standard 1,5 m hose.


Dyno: the perfect electro-hydraulic power unit when no air supply is available.

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Paoli at SEMA Show 2018

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We inform you that we will show our new products at SEMA Show 2018 from 30 October to 2 November 2018.


You will be more than welcome at our Booth 10172 – North Hall – Section: Tools and Equipment.


We would be grateful if you could confirm your visit to our booth by writing us, within October 23rd, at:


Should you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For Paoli’s Booth coordinates click here:

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The Iron mobile workstation has been designed to assure the workers a comfortable and ergonomic seat. The operator, using the built-in suspension system in the arm, doesn’t need to hold up the impact wrench while using it. The trolley has wheels, in order to allow an easy transportation.

The combined use of the Iron and of the DP246 Paoli impact wrench is the perfect solution for trucks and heavy duty vehicles.

Thanks to the pin-clutch hammer mechanism with oil bath lubrication system, the DP246 model ensures less maintenance and improved durability of the impact mechanism. Moreover the Iron FRL group provides the direct lubrication of the impact mechanism without the operator intervention.

Moreover, the exhaust air system of the impact wrench was created to ensure the total absence of harmful powders.

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The updated version of the catalogue completely dedicated to automotive and industry range is here!
The 2018 edition has been enriched with numerous products and accessories.


The range of Paoli impact wrenches includes new models such as the compact and efficient Butterfly, the super-powerful DP1800 Plus, the light but strong DP3450, the modern and powerful DP3500 and the DP3800 with an excellent power-to-weight ratio.


Among the ecological trolleys, you can find the Mobile Working Unit, which represent a return to Paoli tradition with a touch of innovation, and the new trolley designed to easily support and transport articulated arms.


The DPLIFT section, completed with detailed descriptions and updated images, now presents a new subdivision by type and an introductory scheme that allows to easily identify the most suitable solution to your needs.


The new set of super thin wall impact sockets, characterized by a 1/2″ square drive, increases the Paoli accessories range. Designed specifically for alloy wheels, it is composed of 17, 19 and 21 mm hexagonal sockets, quickly identifiable through appropriate color codes.


Download the 2018 Paoli General Catalogue!

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The experience in Paoli Motorsport field (result of constant technological research and collaboration with the best teams in the world) has allowed us the development of our impact wrenches also in the automotive and industry sector; mostly in reliability, precision and durability.

Our impact wrench DP160 inherits from the racing skills not only the know-how but also the design in motorsport perfect style.

The model DP160, available with short or long anvil, has a 1″ square drive and a bolt capacity of M16-M30.

It has a 3-jaw hammer mechanism, it weights only 5.6 kgs and it has a max torque of 1900 Nm.

The impact wrench DP160, is the perfect solution for an industrial 

This model, combining weight and power, is the ideal solution for an industrial use without the need for supports.

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The high quality of our products as well as the continuous research of solutions responding to our customers needs are Paoli’s keys to success both for Motorsport and Automotive.

The constant innovation and investments made in R&D for Motorsport allowed us to develop safe, performing and longlasting impact wrenches suitable for the automotive and industrial fields. This is the case of our DP251, whose restyling 2018 is the result of the know-how developped by cooperating with the main racing teams and of the cutting edge technologies introduced in Motorsport.

The implemented performance reliability and the perfected 3-jaws impact mechanism make the DP251 a powerful, extremely precise tool and ranks it at the top of its market share.

Designed for heavy vehicles purposes, it has a 1 inch square drive and M18-M39 bolt range. It’s featured by black anodized aluminium and grease lubricated, it weighs 9 Kg. The professional pneumatic impact wrench DP251 is also available with long anvil and in Atex version, specific for mines, oil fields and shipbuilding.

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DP 246

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The professional pneumatic impact wrench DP246 was born from Paoli’s experience to provide customers with a light, durable and technologically advanced tool.
Today’s new version is even more performing and resistant with 1″ square drive and bolt range M18-M39.
Our DP246 is equipped with the innovative pin-clutch hammer mechanism with oil bath lubrication system and featured by its Ergal aluminium front cover and low vibrations.
Its maximum torque is 2796 Nm and weights 8.2 kg. Long anvil version is also available.
The DP 246 impact wrench is the perfect solution for trucks, buses, tractors and any industrial assembly.

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